Stephanie explains that contact paper has more uses than just lining shelves; it can also help disguise a cord cover to match your wood floors. Available from Call Toll Free: 1-866-222-0030 Hi, this is Stephanie with and today I want to show you our wood grain contact paper. Now, contact paper has been used for years inside kitchen cabinets and that type of thing, but we have a totally different use for it. We have a lot of different types of cable management products; wire duct, raceway, and cable managers that all come in a lot of different colors; black, white, grey, and beige. But most of peoples’ homes nowadays have wood; wood baseboards, wood windowsills and that type of thing. In order to match those, we have found a use for contact paper by covering raceways and floor cord covers on the floor. You can get a pretty close match with these thirteen different wood grain colors so that it blends better into the wood grain of your flooring or base boarding. As you can see here its just simple contact paper, it has an adhesive backing and it’s really easy to apply, just smoothing the bubbles out. Again it comes in thirteen different colors, one is sure to match your type of wood flooring. Be sure to check out the wood grain contact paper at

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